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Cardamom Pear Pie

I love pie. Since going gluten-free, pie has been my savior on more than one occasion. I found this fabulous gluten-free pie crust recipe (so good that gluten-eaters can’t tell the difference!), and now I can whip up all kinds of tasty GF desserts (not to mention pub pies, empanadas, and all sort of other […]

Sapling Press Studio Tour

I’ve been terrible about blogging since the holidays – there’s just so much exciting new stuff that we’re working on, I don’t have time to get it all done, let alone write about it! I’ll be better with the blog posts in the future (I hope), but I just wanted to post a quick link […]

Constant Comment Spice Cake

I love tea. And I love spices. So it stands to reason that spice teas would be my favorite. I love the way they smell, the way they taste, the way they make me think of fall and winter and Christmas and home. My favorite tea by far is Bigelow’s Constant Comment, a soft, rich […]

My Perfect Calendar

As I’m sure many of you stationery lovers out there will agree, finding the perfect calendar can be quite the undertaking. In my past lives as a stage manager and personal organizer, I spent years trying every calendar system I could find, searching for the one that was the right fit for the whats, wheres […]