Workergnome Business Cards

by sarah

I love the craft of letterpress, but I don’t do a lot of design work myself – something simple like our holiday cards is about as design-y as I can handle. That’s why I work with amazing artists like Erin Auses, and why I don’t actively seek out custom jobs, the way many letterpress printers do – I love to print beautiful designs, but I’m not very good at creating those designs myself!

When an artist or designer comes along with their own design that they want to have printed, though, I’m always happy to work with them – which is why I was thrilled when David Newbury at Workergnome Studios contacted me about printing his business cards. David is a web, UI and motion graphics designer, and he was interested in having letterpress business cards printed with his fabulous gnome logo. We talked through how the elements of his design would work with letterpress, he adapted things a bit and sent me his final design. I’ve been meaning to post photos of the final results for weeks, and I keep forgetting – but now, here they are!

workergnome business card
workergnome business cardworkergnome business card
workergnome business card

David’s cards are printed on 140 lb. Holyoke premium 100% cotton, natural in color, with chocolatey brown and rust orange ink – and a blind impression for the fabulous gnome.