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Help Wanted: Inquire Within

This is only sort of somewhat related to Cardamom Press news, but since I’ve got firsthand experience with it, and would encourage pretty much anyone to consider it, I’m posting it here. We’ll return to your regularly scheduled Cardamom updates in a few days! Sapling Press is looking for an Intern! I’ve been working with […]

One Year

The annual Sapling Press Valentine’s Day Studio Tour is coming up, and that means that this weekend marks one year since the first time I ever touched a letterpress. When I saw the announcement about the studio tour last year, I had never even seen a letterpress. I decided to go because I love all […]

Sapling Press Studio Tour

I’ve been terrible about blogging since the holidays – there’s just so much exciting new stuff that we’re working on, I don’t have time to get it all done, let alone write about it! I’ll be better with the blog posts in the future (I hope), but I just wanted to post a quick link […]